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World-famous street artist Alec Monopoly will launch a new NFT project modeled after the character Mr. Monopoly with a new twist—one that embraces the new financial systems and not the old. The new project, which will be called “Rags to Richie” and follows the story of a new character named Richie, will be a generative NFT project of 10,000 hand drawn, generative NFTs created by Monopoly himself. The new NFT project will show utility with a street art play to earn NFT game, as well as a metaverse club and other giveaways and prizes to holders as part of its initial plans. 

As we know from other popular NFT projects like Bored Ape, NFT projects such as Rags to Richie can often offer more utility over time as communities become more involved in providing input for what they want to see come out of the project. WIth initial utility offered up front, the Rags to Richie project stands to be one of the more promising NFT projects to come out of the community in recent months. 

An official release date for the Rags to Richie collection has not been announced yet, but the project is active on Twitter and is building its community before minting goes live. The project has already received quite a bit of press, and artist Alec Monopoly is promoting the project at parties and live events around the world in the days leading up to the collection release. 

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