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Web3 social network Showtime has just announced it will no longer support Tezos wallets and NFTs, specifically Hicetnunc and Kalamint NFTs. This is because the platform is switching to Ethereum-based blockchains.

web3 social network showtime
Web3 social network showtime has its eye firmly on the future.

In a statement, Showtime founder Alex Masmej said, “Querying and displaying NFT data in real-time is no easy feat, so we had to make a choice: going forward, we will prioritize Ethereum-based blockchains. We thank the Tezos NFT community for their continued support to Showtime.”

He continued, “As an alternative, we recommend creators to use Polygon PoS — used by our current marketplace — as their primary minting blockchain. Social links redirecting to your H.E.N. and Kalamint collections will remain available to showcase on your Showtime profile.”

Web3 social network Showtime followed this statement by announcing its Genesis Drop NFT. Users who signed in before August 23 are entitled to claim the NFT for free.

What is Showtime?

Showtime is a web 3 social network. Creators and collectors can show off their NFTs and share any type of NFT, whether that’s digital art, photos or videos. The platform is currently transitioning from its current web-only infrastructure to a unified iPhone, Android and web app.

Showtime, founded by Alex Masmej, promises to empower and connect creators, collectors, and investors. One of its unique aspects is that through Showtime, they all meet on a level playing field. Therefore, it combines the utility of NFT marketplaces with the human aspect of Web2 social media.

In a podcast interview, Masmej stated: “Right now, [the NFT space] is very transactional. It’s mostly marketplaces for now. And it seems like, you know, people engage on social media more and spend more time there than they spend time on Amazon or eBay… So I see NFTs as replacing every single piece of social media content.”

After facing competition from emerging Web 3 social networks, their Web2 counterparts are scrambling to get involved in the NFT space. Recently, Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg announced that he is working on bringing NFTs to Instagram

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