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We Are Museums and TZ Connect have teamed up to create the WAC Fellowship Program. The eight-week program will cater to top art and culture institutions. During that time, they’ll receive an immersive educational experience in all things Web3.

Logo for WAC Fellowship
The WAC Fellowship Program looks to guide artists through Web3. Credit: We Are Museums

The WAC Fellowship Program from We Are Museums and TZ Connect

WAC stands for “Unlocking Web3 for the Arts and Culture”. To sum up, the WAC Fellowship Program will help art institutions navigate the rapidly evolving Web3 space. The types of institutions that the program caters to include museums, galleries, foundations, art fairs, and auction houses.

There are two parties powering the program. Firstly, there’s We Are Museums, which is an international community of museum professionals. Then there’s TZ connect – a team from Berlin that focuses on advancing the ecosystem of the Tezos blockchain.

In essence, the WAC Fellowship program will focus on three areas:

  • How arts and culture institutions can use Web3 to further their mission for social good
  • Ways for those institutions to include Web3 in their commitment to environmental justice
  • Web3 as a way for the culture sector to deal with its ongoing financial crisis 

What’s more, the WAC Fellowship will give participants a wealth of Web3 knowledge. To list some of the elements, there will be training on NFTs, DAOs, and DeFi; workshops on the future of Web3; an exploration of blockchain technology, and much more.

We Are Museums will hold an informational event to discuss the program on March 28, 2022. You can RSVP for that here. Finally, the deadline for the WAC Fellowship Program is April 4, and the program will begin on April 18. Interested in taking part? You can find the application here.

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