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NEW YORK–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Nathan Leong & Sameer Qureshi of El Grupo SN, the co-founders and managing partners of Somewhere Nowhere, NYC’s tallest lounge, nightclub and rooftop pool, announces the launch of The Somethings Collection. Powered by its new incubator SWNW Lab, a collective of digital artists and Web3 pioneers dedicated to creating more immersive experiences by bridging the gap between the digital and physical worlds in hospitality through use of blockchain technology.

The Somethings Genesis Golden Gnomes will unlock utilities that include premier membership access, a custom utility wallet powered by Moonwalk, its cash back rewards and rev-share program as well as a lifetime free mint passes at SWNW Lab and Somewhere Nowhere NYC. There will be a limited quantity of this initial Genesis Golden Gnome NFT drop from The Somethings Collection.

Just like the venue’s physical space, The Somethings Collection created by Leong and Matt Burniston of SWNW Lab, transports you to explore the world and lands of the Genesis Golden Gnomes, and its magical orbs ($ORBS) they graciously share with the proprietors of Somewhere Nowhere in the Metaverse.

“For this collection, I had the pleasure of creating The Somethings Collection alongside Matt Burniston, our lead artist, who specializes in 3D motion graphics. We are extremely excited about embarking into the Web3 space with SWNW Lab,” said Leong. Over the past four months, the team and I have been working on putting together all the different pieces to make our first Web3 project, The Somethings Collection, a reality at SWNW Lab. Being an artist talent buyer and avid NFT-collector holding projects such as Bored Ape Yacht Club, Mutant Ape Yacht Club, RTFKT – Clone X and many more,” he continued, “we are proud to announce that SWNW Lab is already working with major artists in the music industry and collaborating with other projects to bring you more exciting, covetable drops.”

In the near future, NFT-holders will be able to use their NFTs to explore interoperable experiences built in the Metaverse through collaboration with other projects and platforms.

SWNW Lab will be hosting a Raffle for 50 Whitelist spots for The Somethings Genesis NFT on Premint. You can register here:

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