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Ian Edwards and Paul Elia has just released the Roommates NFT collection based on their hit YouTube series. The launch on Jambb joins other comedians such as Hannibal Buress, Pete Holmes, Azhar Usman and Tom Segura. Fans can now get their favorite funny moments on the platform, starting at $9.99 per pack.

Roommates NFT comedy series
Collect the weirdest, most awkward ‘Roommates’ moments now. Credit: @JambbApp

Jambb x Roommates NFT

Jambb is currently one of the best source of rare comedy collectibles, including tiers of content like jokes, sets, specials, in-person experiences and memorabilia. To make it easier for fans to ape in, the platform also accepts credit card payments, along with FLOW and USDC.

The Roommates NFT drop comes with exclusive giveaways to lucky holders. This includes one signed pair of Timberland boots as seen on the YouTube series. The team will also give away one signed Roommates script. Lastly, some owners will get tickets to a low key comedy show in any major city. These tickets will also come with a meet and greet session with Ian and Paul.

The crypto and NFT space has opened up new horizons for artists, singers, gamers, and many other vocations. So why not comedians? Jambb introduces comedians to a new way to create, share, and monetize. To date, the platform has generated hundreds of thousands of revenue for comedians around the world through their profit sharing schemes.

On the other hand, Jambb allows fans to own something that they love, something that connects them to their favorite comedians. This essentially unlocks new value and longevity for them.

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