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Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) have exploded in popularity over the last year, entering the mainstream popular consciousness. Currently, a number of large companies are experimenting with NFTs,  including Coca-Cola (NYSE:KO), Mattel (NASDAQ:MAT), and McDonald’s (NYSE:MCD).

Up to this point, a lot of the hype has been focused on simple, static images and artwork, leading many to question the long-term disruptive potential of the technology. But in reality, NFTs are already becoming much more.

CurrencyWorks Inc. (CSE:CWRK) (OTCQB:CWRK) is proof of this as the company recently released an entire feature-length film as an NFT.

The award-winning, full-service blockchain platform provider announced that VUELE™, CurrencyWorks’ NFT platform for feature films, has launched two exclusive NFT bundles for ZERO CONTACT, starring Academy Award®-winner Anthony Hopkins.

The team released 2,500 Exclusive Edition NFTs on Feb. 22, 2022. The NFTs include the feature-length film that the purchaser can watch on VUELE™ as well as highly sought-after content such as a signed digital poster, behind-the-scenes footage, and exclusive ZERO CONTACT Character Trading Cards.

While NFT offerings usually involve a singular digital asset, VUELE™ is already providing movie lovers with a variety of exclusive collectibles. Each bundle contains three of the nine available ZERO CONTACT Character Bio Collector Card NFTs. VUELE™ members will receive a brief description of the character and a short video segment of the character from the film. Only 100 copies of the Finley Hart Character Bio Collector Card NFT, the character Academy Award®-winner Anthony Hopkins plays in ZERO CONTACT, have been minted.

Additionally, 25,000 copies of the ZERO CONTACT Collector’s Edition NFT went on sale on Feb. 28, 2022. These bundles include the feature-length film as well as a digital poster.

The latest NFT drops come after a positive first go for the company. Cameron Chell, co-head of VUELE™ and Executive Chairman of CurrencyWorks, is excited to keep the momentum going, stating, “we are thrilled to be offering the ZERO CONTACT Exclusive and Collector’s Edition NFTs after the successful sale of the first 11 Platinum and Elite Edition NFTs in September, which sold for more than $100,000.00. VUELE™ will provide fans with unprecedented early access to full-length feature films, in addition to coveted movie memorabilia.”

Echoing Chell’s excitement is Rick Dugdale, co-head of VUELE™ and President and CEO of Enderby Entertainment.

“Launching VUELE™ with this one-of-a-kind project makes a lot of sense to us,” Dugdale said in a press release. “The latest ZERO CONTACT  offerings allow even more fans to explore the world of NFTs and how it can have a positive impact on the entertainment industry.”

ZERO CONTACT made film history by becoming the first feature film to debut exclusively as an NFT on VUELE™. 

With a variety of unique digital collectibles for the film now available on the VUELE™ Marketplace, CurrencyWorks receives an ongoing fee every time the ZERO CONTACT NFTs are bought and sold on the secondary market.

VUELE™ is a joint venture between CurrencyWorks and Enderby Entertainment. It is the first direct-to-consumer, full-length feature film viewing and distribution platform delivering feature-length films and digital collectible entertainment content as NFTs. 

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This post contains sponsored advertising content. This content is for informational purposes only and is not intended to be investing advice.

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