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Ever wonder how metaverse-flavored drinks taste like? Now you can experience it with Coca-Cola’s Zero Sugar Byte. According to the brand, Zero Sugar Byte will be the first Coca-Cola flavor to be born in the metaverse. Sounds cool huh? In fact, the beverage will make its first appearance in the metaverse, before hitting retail stores in the U.S. next month.

Coca-Cola Zero Sugar Byte.
Experience the taste of pixels with Zero Sugar Byte. Credit: Coca-Cola.

Immerse yourself in Coca-Cola’s metaverse with Zero Sugar Byte

There are two immersive digital experiences that come together with the launch of Zero Sugar Byte. First, meet “Pixel Point”, a metaverse game available in Fornite Creative mode. Here, there are four multiplayer mini-games that you can take part in: The Castle, The Escape, The Race, and The Tower. In each game, you’ll need to work together with other players to solve challenges and progress up the tower.

Next, you can also access an AR game that features BYTE, an eight-bit pixel that got left behind when Coca-Cola Byte entered the metaverse. How to do so? Just scan your Coca-Cola Zero Sugar Byte package here. Once done, your next mission is to guide BYTE to rejoin the Coca-Cola logo in the game. Beat other players’ finish times and post your achievements on social media.

In case you’re wondering, the Zero Sugar Byte will be available in twin packs. One for consumption, and the other can for collection purposes. As twin packs are sold in limited quantities, make sure you watch out for the dates of releases. The product is first launched in Latin America on 4 April. For the U.S. consumers, it’s on 2 May. As for China, it’s on 23 May.

All-in-all, Coca-Cola has been making its way into the metaverse since last year. The brand first launched NFT collectibles on World Friendship Day. Then in February this year, Coca-Cola launched Coca-Cola Starlight with AR concert featuring Ava Max. One thing is for sure, Coca-Cola is not slowing down on its path to the metaverse. In fact, the brand will launch more flavors under its creation hub this year.

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