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, /PRNewswire/ — A new startup called BlockVision Creative is set to release one of the most innovative new projects in the NFT space. The new collection offers a unique reward for Top Collectors: a free “Royalty NFT” which grants the holder lifetime passive income from royalties earned on secondary sales of the collection. 

Previously, NFT collections have required holders to stake their NFTs to earn a share of royalties, and some have created virtual revenue sharing clubs for collectors. But until now, NFT collections have only offered a small percentage of royalties to holders, and these holders could lose their right to revenues if they ever choose to sell.

Not the case with new collection “ApeDad 2662: Lost In The Metaverse”, an 1111 piece collection of colorful and surreal 3D art based on a graphic sci-fi short story. The new ApeDad 2662 collection has created a type of collectible game wherein there are 101 Royalty NFT grand prizes that share 100% of the collection’s royalties.

To win one of these prizes, wallets must collect all three types of character in the collection –”3D, OG & Pixelated”. If the wallet has collected all three types of character, it will be recognized as a “Top Collector” and able to mint a passive income Royalty NFT for free.

These Royalty NFTs are music videos and GIF’s displaying hundreds of images from the collection. They are permanently frozen to the minting wallet and entitle that specific wallet to a lifetime stream of passive income. After minting a Royalty NFT, the “Top Collector” is free to sell or transfer the NFTs that they have collected at any time, without losing their Royalty NFT.

The new collection had its innovative smart contracts audited by, a leading firm that audits projects on all EVM blockchains. While no security issues were found in the contracts -despite a high complexity score- the ApeDad 2662 team decided to delay launching the public mint in order to integrate some extra precautions suggested by Solidproof.

The public mint for the collection is now scheduled to go live March 24th at 11:11pm, PST.

Visit the project website to read the Graphic Sci-Fi Short Story, Meet the Team, Preview the Art, & Check Out Their “Roadmap to Bliss”: 

And make sure follow them on Twitter for the latest updates: @metaverse_lost

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