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The Cryptonauts NFT are part of a 9,691 piece NFT Collection, the cryptonaut’s have been through their intense space training, the 300 pre-sale rocket seats have been filled and the rocket’s gas tank has been fueled as we currently wait for blast off!

the cryptonaut’s are part of a 9,691 piece nft collection, a unique digital collection of diverse cryptonaut nft’s aiming to orbit the eth blockchain.

each trait was created uniquely by our team of designers and then coded into a combination of 9,691 by our talented dev, ready for the long-awaited launch day!

pre-sale launch: 3rd november

public launch: 4th november

send up to 10 nauts of your own to the moon for the small mint price of 0.01eth! (+gas fees)

the great thing about the cryptonaut’s launch day is that we will hold a completely blind mint, meaning the nauts you get will be completely randomly generated there and then and transferred to your opensea account. this helps us avoid those pesky whales, apes, and rarity snipers allowing for the fair game across all of our cadets.

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