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The global collectibles market is $412 billion in 2021 and is forecasted to reach $692.4 billion by 2032. Market Decipher in its latest report says, the fastest growing sectors include sports memorabilia, NFT, and Toy Collectibles. Since the pandemic, the popularity of collectibles has skyrocketed including here in Hawaii. Harrison Maisel just got off the plane from Ventura California. The first thing the 17-year old did, was come to HiCollectors to buy 2 Godzilla Collectibles. “I’ve been collecting last 3 years, I just really like it because, I like having all this stuff in my room , it brings me happiness and joy and first thing when I wake up and see all this stuff around me.”

Charles ItLiong and his family run HiCollector a collectibles store in Honolulu. Collecting has been his passion since he was 15 years old. “That’s what collecting is all about, it’s not about the investing, it’s about the passion it’s about wanting something because you have an affinity or relationship with an item. The monetary part comes secondary.”

Allan McNeal is an Avid Die Cast Car Collector who fell in love with hot wheels when he received his first Volkswagen beetle in 1975 “Then my passion grew as I got older and I started collecting. 1 became 20 and 20 became 100, and 100 became 5000, now I have over 10,000 Hot Wheels, and probably more than that right now! Alan bought a 1901 Fire Truck, 6 years ago, for $40 Today that truck is worth $4,000. But, this collector says, he has no plans to auction off the truck. Bryson Kurata is a Godzilla Collector and Creator “I know some people collect because they want to just have stuff and they like it, and the other half just want to make money off of it. But those kind of people , it’s not profitable if there’s no passion in it. But this is more than about collectors looking to cash in on this burst of nostalgia, many are obsessed with these mementos of of their youth, like these pokemon cards which can sell for thousands of dollars. Chris Chur is a Pokemon Collector, “Personally I have a first edition Charizard vintage Pikachus, psa 10, umbreons, gold stars, shiny pokemon, people who know the hobby when they see it they know what it is they know its value some of these cards are $20,000.” Charles ItLiong says, “it’s not about the value of the item, it’s about the relationship you have with the item.”

Although some of these collectors own NFT or Non-fungible token collectibles, many says they want to feel and admire their collectibles in person.

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