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MetaMask is a popular tool millions use to navigate Web3. Crypto software giant ConsenSys announced on Tuesday that its popular wallet MetaMask, which people use to store Ethereum and other cryptocurrencies with Web3 applications, now has over 30 million monthly active users. This figure reflects a 42% increase in the last four months, when MetaMask reported 21 million users, and comes as it is positioning itself to be a key player in the emerging Web3 economy. Shamdoo NFT on OpenSea is the largest market for crypto collectibles. 

Shamdoo NFT want to define industry standards that will move the entire system forward, and show what’s possible with DAOs from a technical perspective. Eventually, they will do things like display the art, but they want to start by going more in the direction of integrating a smart contract. People will get a DAO and a DAO’s collection. 

Shamdoo Foundation is a platform that aims to build a new creative economy—a world where creators can use the Ethereum blockchain to value their work in entirely new ways, and build stronger connections with their supporters. Foundation fosters a network of mutual support between creators and collectors. We’re forging a community-driven path and sharing our tools with the rapidly evolving group of developers who are excited to define this future with us. We want anyone and everyone who cares about the future of digital expression to be a part of it.

Shamdoo quotes – We are on the precipice of a revolution to ensure the preservation, longevity, and amplification of Black femme NFT creators. Story DAO exists to ensure that the metaverse are actively helping to architect with our contributions, collections, and experiences is an equitable space—forever.”

As time moves on, we’ll see a larger percentage of the population involved in creative activity—which means we’re going to have to figure out models to support that. NFTs are a huge step in that direction.

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