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A new NFT collection is launching that includes artwork from Ukrainian children and will help support the country.

What Happened: Their Futures is a digital art project from Ukrainian artist/model Bonnie Panasenko that features art by Ukrainian children. Launched in partnership with VERSE, it sourced more than 50 drawings from children aged 3 to 14.

“It’s insufferable and painful to witness the nightmare that these innocent children are experiencing. These children deserve a happy childhood, a loving family, and a carefree life — but as war knocks on their doors, all they know is fear,” Panasenko said.

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The NFTs will be browsable and include the names and ages of the artists. People will be able to bid on the pieces with the proceeds going to Hand to Hand, a non-governmental charity organization working in war-zone hot spots with doctors, military and volunteers.

“I’ve collected these drawings directly from caretakers and parents currently hiding underground in shelters and tunnels. The drawings are a reminder that despite these fearful and desperate times, their youth is still not lost,” Panasenko said.

The NFT auction begins on April 18 at 12 p.m. EST and will run for two weeks. Each NFT is a unique one-of-one.

Their Futures also partnered with One of None, a hybrid NFT exchange that allows holders to show off a physical version of their NFT.

“With every NFT purchase, token holders will have a one-time opportunity to claim the framed, original artwork associated with the NFT,” said the website.

Photo: Sample of NFTs in auction via VERSE site

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