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The Analogs NFT collection is bringing amazing sci-fi lore and unique NFT utility to the Flow blockchain! The 10K collection of PFP avatars comes from the groundbreaking literary magazine, Heavy Metal, and the Flow NFT marketplace, Sturdy.Exchange.

An Analog NFT with green hair and a white suit
Analogs are half-robotic, half-biological beings with the ability to create new life forms.

The lore of the Analogs NFT collection

Like any good sci-fi, this 10K collection of NFT avatars has incredibly rich lore telling the story of the Analogs.

To explain, Analogs are a group of half-robotic, half-biological beings. The superintelligent beings hail from the Gamma Ren system, just outside of Quadrant 4 in the Milky Way Galaxy. What’s more, the Analogs have an innate drive to create life forms.

To do this they use building blocks like nanotechnology and molecules. As a matter of fact, Analogs are so good at creating new life that they sometimes decide to inhabit the new bodies they have created. 

Exciting Analogs roadmap includes brand new NFT art

Firstly, Analog pfp owners get access to a private Discord channel. Together with the other holders, they will have a chance to take on the roles of their Analogs and create an NFT of a wholly new organism. Holders will even be able to select the artist who will create the new avatar art.

This is where it gets even more interesting. After the new alien NFT art is created, each Analog holder will have the choice whether or not to transform their Analog NFT into the new NFT. If they choose to do so, they can burn their Analog and get a randomized, unique version of the new species.

Notably, Analogs NFT holders get full commercial rights to their PFPs. This also carries forward if holders choose to transform their NFTs into the new character.

Analogs NFTs also give a host of utilities to their holders from the very beginning. To that end, the initial utilities of the Analogs NFT collection will come in three phases:

An Analog NFT with a helmet and silver robe
The Analogs collection gives holders an exciting choice – keep their original Analogs NFT or burn it for a new, community-developed NFT character.

Phase One: The Analogs Citadel

Holders will receive monthly airdrops of Heavy Metal magazine for six months. Not only that, but they’ll also get the very first issues of the comic series Taarna, Cold Dead War, Stable, and Never Never.

By the same token, they will get an exclusive sneak preview of two upcoming graphic novels from Heavy Metal and Herø Projects. And if that wasn’t enough, there will also be exclusive giveaways, whitelisting for new NFT collections from Heavy Metal, early presale access, and random art NFTs directly from the Heavy Metal vault. 

Phase Two: Only One Can Survive.

As mentioned above, Phase Two involves the choice that holders must make between their Analogs and the new NFT characters.

At the same time, the Heavy Metal team will create a 22-page standalone comic about the origin of the Analogs. Holders will be privy to the process, getting previews of the comic via sketches, concepts, layouts, and editorial materials. Upon completion, all holders will receive an airdrop of the comic.

Phase Three: Analogs NFT

This is the most secretive phase! However, rest assured that this top-secret expansion will bring a whole new batch of exciting utility. What we can tell you is that Phase Three will begin on May the 4th.

An Analog NFT with purple helmet
The legendary creative hub, Heavy Metal magazine, is bringing Analogs to the Flow blockchain with help from Sturdy.Exchange.

Heavy Metal and Sturdy.Exchange team up for the unique collection

The iconic magazine Heavy Metal is the main creative force behind this dynamic NFT collection. Heavy Metal boasts 45 years of experience creating captivating science fiction, fantasy, and horror. Heavy Metal’s partner on the collection is the Flow blockchain marketplace, Sturdy.Exchange. Significantly, Sturdy co-created Hoodlums – the first PFP & generative art project on FLOW.

Want to get your hands on one of these amazing NFTs? There’s still time to get an access pass and qualify for the presale! All you have to do is create an account on Sturdy.Exchange and then fill out this form.

The presale takes place at 5 PM PST on March 30th. Analogs will cost $200 in the presale. The public sale begins 48 hours later, at 5 PM PST on April 1st. Buyers will be able to pick up Analogs in the public sale for $225. After that, the reveal of the NFTs takes place on April 4th.

To learn more about the exciting collection Analogs NFT collection, check out the Heavy Metal page on Sturdy.Exchange. You can also follow the project on Twitter and check out its community on Discord.

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