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ORAI Robotics, the conversational artificial intelligence (AI) company has gifted non-fungible tokens or NFTs to all its employees, in recognition of their hard work. It is probably the first-ever company in India to give away corporate NFTs to its staff.

As a part of this initiative, the company recently minted and launched its 1st-generation NFT collection for employees named ‘ORAI Upbeat’ — which reflects the values of the company and its commitment towards AI and robotics technologies.


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The ORAI Upbeat Collection consists of 500 unique NFT collectibles that are specifically minted for employees and key stakeholders; each of these collectibles represents optimistic, cheerful, and happy robots that are designed to create encouraging engagement in the up-and-coming world of metaverse.

While the ideation for this project was done in-house, ORAI Robotics went ahead to collaborate with — a company in the blockchain, NFTs and metaverse domain – for strategic in-depth consulting, creative and other types support in order to make this first-of-its-kind project happen for their employees.

Speaking about this initiative, Swapnil Jain, Co-Founder & CEO, ORAI Robotics, said, “We at ORAI Robotics wanted to introduce a unique and innovative way to thank our employees who make this company awesome. And this is exactly why we ideated and minted a plethora of unique collectables as NFTs under the theme ‘UpBeat’, and thereafter gave away one NFT from this collection to each of our employees.


“We are also happy to note that our ORAI Upbeat NFT collection truly reflects the values of the company and our vision and mission towards advancing AI and new-age technologies. Going forward, every time we at ORAI Robotics grow, we will celebrate the success by giving NFTs to employees; and thus, NFTs we are pioneering a new path for companies to engage with their employees via NFT with the secure blockchain technology underneath,” Jain added.

Shashikant Kabra, National Head – Sales, ORAI Robotics, said, “Having been associated with the crypto and blockchain space since many years, I got so excited to know when my employer ORAI announced giving away of NFTs. Not just in terms of investments, but the value you get with NFTs in the longer run is extremely significant.

“Now I will be able to showcase my blockchain profile with ORAI NFTs, and as the transfer is recorded in blockchain, no one in the world can deny that. I look forward to earn and get as many as NFTs from the company in my upcoming journey with the organization,” Kabra added.



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