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To celebrate Earth Day yesterday, Agora announced a new Global Art Award in support of the UN’s climate campaigns. Agora is one of the world’s leading and most far-reaching digital art platforms. The campaign will run from April 22nd (yesterday) until July 22nd.

Agora’s #MyClimateAction is made for their support of the UN’s climate change actions.

About the Art Award

From Earth Day (April 22nd) until July 22nd, people all over the world are invited to showcase and share their individual actions to tackle climate change and preserve the planet by adding a photo or a video with the hashtag #MyClimateAction. The top 50 photos or videos will be shown at Egypt-hosted COP27, and will also be shown at the UN’s HQ in New York City. All submissions should be made on the Agora Awards website. 

The goal of the campaign is to inspire other people. These people include institutions, leaders, and future generations to join the movement. They’d do this by following some of the models shared in the photos or videos, or by creating new ways to save our planet. They also aim to show leaders how normal people are making a difference in the fight against climate change.

Octavi Royo, Agora’s CEO and founder said. “In an indirect yet very powerful way, we, the people, are telling our leaders and governments how to create a better world together”

About Agora

Founded in 2016, Agora is one of the world’s leading and most far-reaching digital art platforms. They bring together artists, collectors and patrons, experts, as well as everyday art lovers. Agora can be accessed through its app on iOS and Android, and through the web. The platform has millions of photographs, graphic designs, music, and videos built by people from all around the world. Contributors range from renowned artists to regular individuals. This unique digital art is available to enjoy. Also, the work is able to be bought.

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