3 HOT 🔥 New Gala Games in Development

Gala Games continues to make headlines as one of the Premiere Blockchain Gaming Studios. They just announced another amazing looking game coming to their ecosystem, Superior.

In this video I show you why you won’t want to miss out on any of these new Gala Games.

0:00:00 Setup
0:00:24 Intro
0:01:19 Superior
0:04:11 Legends Reborn
0:05:54 Fortified
0:07:12 Breakdown

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will include an assortment of characters which are available for players to collect as NFTs. Each character has distinct bonuses to gameplay and play-to-earn potential, and rarer characters have additional skills and more earning potential.

Throughout the game, you play through dynamically generated missions– each with special objectives, distinct enemies and unique environments– no two missions will ever be the same. As you complete missions, you’ll receive Juice from your fallen enemies. This is the source of their powers, and can be used to gain new superpowers or increase existing ones. Juice can have a wide range of effects. You can choose to increase your physical abilities like jump, melee and dash, or something a little more dramatic– like learning to fire forcefield sawblades from your hands.

Between your missions, you’ll head back to the bar to rest, recover, and stock up, but there will always be a next mission. In true roguelite tradition, upon death you’ll lose everything and start all over with a fresh run that will be entirely different from your previous adventure.

Legends Reborn
is a PVP-focused CCG set in a unique and distinctive fantasy world. Coming from the extremely experienced development team at Kung Fu Factory, the game features a lovely hand-drawn aesthetic, as well as a wide variety of heroes, creatures, and player-owned venues. Rich gameplay and in depth strategy offers robust and competitive gaming experience for all skill levels of CCG players.
The idea of player-owned land combines with NFT card ownership to create a revolutionary ecosystem where players have total control over not only their cards, but also the venues in which they compete. We are proud to submit the following proposal for Legends Reborn for the approval of our Founder’s Node operators.

Tolkhiem is broken. The mighty have ravaged the land under the weight of war and conflict on an unimaginable scale, but in the wake of these hostilities, its people have learned to resolve their conflicts another way.
Gone are the days of warfare and destruction. Battles across Tolkhiem are no longer fought with sword and shield, but with coin, wit and the grace of the cards.

the first Tower Defense game to come to the Gala Games network, is proceeding apace! As the community is aware, the Level 1 towers (some of them, in any case) have been released to the node network and the Arrow Towers have been put on sale in the Fortified Store. However, there is a LOT more coming. In the game itself, land tiles have been defined and function flawlessly, while the tower attack logic has been integrated for single target attacks (like the Arrow Towers), area-of-effect attacks (like the Siege Towers), and aura attacks (like the Poison Tower). Towers are, rather unsurprisingly, the cornerstone of a tower defense game. However, Fortified is going to have a lot more.
In addition to the towers, the basic land types are in the process of being defined. Plots of land, of varying sizes, have various points of entry which must be defended. Some land may have many different points which must be defended, while others may have only one or two points at which the enemy can seek to attack your stronghold. These enemies, upon entering your land at one of your entry points, will proceed by the most direct path they can find, taking into effect your fortifications

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